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Win a Smart Car Simply by Collecting Free Tickets at 888 Bingo!

May Alexander


888 Bingo [read review]

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At 888 Bingo [read review] the promotions come to you, so you do not have to find them! Simply create an account and start enjoying the immense bonuses available at 888 Bingo today, including your chance to win a Smart Car by collecting free tickets by logging onto the site and playing the bingo games you already love! The big game will debut on May 7, 2014, and entrants will get their chance to win a Smart Car or £5,000!

In addition to the car and cash giveaway, 888 Bingo [read review] has a number of promotions available to the everyday player, to keep you coming back for more, starting with the Sweetie Land IG Tourney that has a daily jackpot of £300. In addition, players can join a big tournament on the 28th of every month for their chance to receive £50 a day credited to their account for an entire month!

At 888 Bingo [read review] ,players will get the chance to play in a monthly Two Million Points tournament that will add two million loyalty points to their account, which translates to free stuff in a multitude of categories! With Happy Hour bonuses and a monthly £1,000 Jackpot on the 1st of every month, players can hardly lose by playing their favorite bingo tournaments at 888 Bingo! Finally, with the ability to play special tournaments that correspond with your Zodiac sign, fueling your luck, players will be invited to tournaments with £1,111 jackpots that correspond to their astrological sign!

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