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After some consideration we decided to completely remove the Newsfeed feature. It was a great feature at a glance. It provided relevant content on literally any topic you could think of. It updated automatically. What could possibly be wrong with it?

Well, to be honest, many things were wrong with the Newsfeed feature. So many in fact, that we are not just depreciating it, we are removing it altogether.

Let's start with the obvious. The Newsfeed feature took snippets of content from other websites. It would display that content on your CashMirrors websites, along with a link to the full article. These links were often to your competitors, so you could lose potential commissions when your visitors clicked through.

So, at least your visitors were finding something interesting on your site, and maybe you'll make your competition into friends for sending them some business, right? Not necessarily! Recent search engine updates can penalize websites with repetitive incoming links. So not only was the Newsfeed costing you visitors, it was also annoying the owners of the websites it was taking them to!

Finally, the Newsfeed was hurting your own CashMirrors website in the search engines. While the links were set to nofollow, so it wasn't costing you any 'link juice', the content itself was duplicate content. This raises red flags for search engine bots!

To make up for the loss of the Newsfeed feature, we are going to be putting a bigger effort into the News Posts feature. Look for our News Posts to be divided into Promotional posts and General posts in the near future.

If you would like an immediate solution, I suggest installing a news feed widget like on Futures Options Trading. This site features a Reuters widget in the bottom right corner. It can be installed on any website for free, and will not hurt your website in any of the ways described above. Just grab the code and paste it into one of the HTML areas of your website.

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