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I uncovered 7 posts on you might have missed

7 Must-Read Posts You Probably Missed

As I visit the Middle East for the first time I'm constantly reminded of great civilizations of the past. Artifacts, monuments, and entire cities of Ancient Greece and others have only recently been unearthed by the efforts of archaeologists. Sometimes what's on the surface covers the better times. Perhaps the glory days of this website are also in the past. ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 07/13/2023   (0 comments)

Affiliate Conferences are Back and Going Strong in 2023

Thinking about attending an affiliate conference or trade show? Maybe it's been a few years, or it will be your first one ever. I've been hitting the conferences hard recently, making 7 appearances in the last 7 months, and they're fresh on my mind. Here's a quick article that might help you decide how to go about it. Read More)
Posted by Dan on 07/11/2023   (0 comments)

Is Bitcoin going the way of Binary Options?

Not too long ago the hottest niche in gambling affiliate programs was Binary Options. The simplified version of online trading had lot of hype and was in demand. It felt like every other day I was getting an offer to promote an upstart new brand. ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 06/19/2022   (4 comments)

Digital Nomad Nonsense; Why Affiliates Really Can't Work from Anywhere // CashMirrors Announcement

"Oh, so you can just work from anywhere." If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this follow up question / statement I might be retired by now. Actually I wouldn't. I like my work. But I sure have heard this particular line many times in my life. "No, not really," I start to explain. Then ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 05/23/2021   (3 comments)

Should Affiliates Support or Protest Against Lockdowns?

It's a new year but when I leave the office not much has changed. Travel is restricted, many small businesses are shuttered, and streets are quiet. This is because local authorities have imposed "lockdown" measures to slow the spread of a deadly coronavirus. They were supposed to last a week. Then a month. Now some folks are already talking about extending ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 01/17/2021   (2 comments)

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