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What are Casino Affiliate Programs?

Casinos allow players to bet on games such as blackjack, roulette, and slots, online with a website. They pay affiliates to send players to their website and software download links. There are two ways which you can make money as a casino affiliate:

1) Revenue Share: Earn a percentage of the revenue the casino gets off of your referrals. This percentage varies from casino to casino.

2) Cost Per Action (CPA): Earn a bounty for each real money player you refer to the casino. You are paid a set amount once that player reaches a certain wagering requirement, whether they win or lose.

Which options is better? That depends on what type of player you are expecting to attract. If you believe your players will make many deposits, choose revenue share, as it will pay off in the long run. If you believe they will deposit once and then quit, CPA is likely the best choice, as the one-time CPA payment will likely equate to more than a revenue share.

Your Earning Potential

At 25% Revenue Share with each active player losing $20 per day (example rate)
  • With 1 active player earn $150 per month
  • With 10 active players earn $1500 per month
  • With 20 active players earn $3000 per month
  • With 50 active players earn $7500 per month
At $100 CPA (example rate)
  • Refer 1 player per month earn $100 per month
  • Refer 5 players per month earn $500 per month
  • Refer 10 players per month earn $1000 per month
  • Refer 25 players per month earn $2500 per month

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