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Are Celebrity Brand Ambassadors Actually Your Competition?

Written by Dan
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Affiliate programs sometimes ask you to promote their brand with a celebrity image, but it might not be a good idea to.
I have observed a recent trend in Casino, and in particular, Financial companies with strong affiliate programs. They are, more and more, sponsoring and partnering with big name sports teams and pro athletes. They then announce the deals and encourage us affiliates to use these celebrity names and images to promote their brand. Is there any problem with that?

I have to admit, it's kind of cool to see CFD platform XTrade sign football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, IQ Option partnering with Aston Martin Racing, and Mansion Casino becoming shirt sponsor for 2 English Premier League clubs. I know looks good to add banners and other content for these celebrities to your website. However, just because something looks good on your site doesn't mean it will make you money. If you think about the bigger picture, it might even hurt your earnings.

Look at it this way: Affiliates like you and me, and celebrity "brand ambassadors", are both considered a marketing expense for these companies. We are paid out of the same budget. We also serve the same purpose of bringing credibility and referring new customers to the company. The more money that is budgeted to celebrities, the less that might be available to affiliates.

As an affiliate, it is in your best interest to satisfy the companies that are paying you. If they ask you to use a celebrity name and image to promote their brand, you should probably do it. Just remember that you are doing so for the benefit of the company that is paying you, and not because you believe that it will make your site look sexy to associate with a celebrity athlete or team.

They are actually your competition.

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