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How to Build an Affiliate Website with Domain Redirects

Written by Rich B
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Creating an affiliate website with your domain names
One source of bulk traffic is domain redirects.

If you're getting traffic from good domain names, then redirects are great. If you got a redirect from a relevant domain name (like - which was available at the time of writing) then the odds are that people will be pretty happy when they arrive at your page. If your traffic is coming from irrelevant domains (like then the visitors won't be much use to you.

The best way of doing domain redirects is to find and buy your own domain names and redirect them to your website. NameCheap have the cheapest deal for registering new names that we've found - and a good after-market too. If you're looking to pick up expiring domains, you are probably better off using a service like Expired Traffic. I'll be honest, if you're not into domaining, then this sort of thing can feel like a lot of work. Personally, I find it fun, and these services make it easy to get a solid portfolio of gambling domains together, and sometimes discover an unrelated domain that you can turn around and sell for a tidy little profit.

There are people out there who are making money as an affiliate from owning and selling domain names. It's not a bad way to make a living, but the market in URL speculation has cooled down a lot over the last few years. It's also pretty expensive to cover the registration fees on 1000 domains a year, even with bulk discounts. Plus, since the whole point of these domains was hopefully that they would attract a lot of traffic, they're usually getting a steady flow of visitors.

So, what most domain owners do is rent the domain out to an advertising company. You've probably noticed this yourself. You go to a site that used to exist, or you mistype a URL, or you just type something into the address window to see what happens and you end up at a Pay Per Click affiliate search engine, or an entirely different site. Well, this second option is what is going to be happening to your visitors - they're going to type something into their browser, and end up at your website. That is not a bad thing as long as the domains are relevant. The problem is that good gambling domain names are likely to be parked with a CPC search engine. If we find a good source of genuine expired domain bulk traffic, we'll let you know. At present, we do not have any sources that we feel comfortable recommending.

If you're not interested in do it yourself, you may be interested in Exit Traffic or banner advertising as alternatives.

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