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Is WordPress Broken?

Written by Dan
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WordPress is one of the most popular website building systems, but you might want to think twice before using it
A few years ago I was building a website for a friend, using WordPress, and needed to add a small snippet of PHP code to one of the pages. WordPress is built on PHP, so I figured that this would be a very simple task.

First I tried adding the code to the page through the WordPress admin panel. That didn't work. The code was interpreted as plain HTML. I then searched something like, "How to add PHP code in Wordpress" and found out that a Plugin was required. It was free, so I installed it.

I think the Plugin worked. I don't really remember. Most of the WordPress memories I have are blacked out of my memory, as they aren't particularly enjoyable experiences for me. The admin panel is slow, and I find it to be a bit of a headache to work with.

What I do remember is how much time it took for this Plugin to install. Curious as to why, I dipped into the source code to see what it was made of. After all, WordPress is built on PHP, surely it must be a very basic Plugin, right?

Nope. The Plugin contained about 10 folders and probably 50 files. I couldn't believe it! How could it be possible for that much code to be required just to allow me to use PHP on a PHP program?

At first I figured it was a poorly written Plugin. After opening the source code for several other Plugins, however, I wasn't so sure. It looked like every one of them was excessively big. I concluded that the issue was probably with WordPress itself. It must be out-dated, over-built, and barely clinging on to its relevance on the Internet.

Here we are, several years later, and WordPress is still as prevalent as ever. The same issues remain. It's a slow and excessively large piece of software, but for small projects, it has a few advantages. There is a countless number of templates and Plugins available for it. Google seems to like it. Most developers are familiar with it, so the website can be passed off to someone else quite smoothly.

WordPress also seems to have created some sort of cult of legitimacy amongst newer web developers. They make cheap or free templates and Plugins for it as a way of proving their skills, and don't really bother to question the platform itself. Its flaws are accepted as part of the framework with which they have to work with, and they are forced to write massive amounts of inefficient code to perform relatively simple tasks.

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