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Written by Dan P
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Ever wanted to own a casino?
Of course you did - the house always wins. Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry that has made a lot of people very rich. Unfortunately it is now a very well established industry. Do you really want to try and compete with giant companies like iGlobalMedia? Their recent IPO valued them at 8.48 billion dollars - about one tenth the size of Google.

Fortunately, you don't need to compete with the big boys. In fact, they need your help. Competition for new players is so stiff right now that gambling sites are paying lucrative referral fees for sending them new players. You can usually choose between an up front fee of $150 or more per new account or 25-50% of the site's profit from your players - for life!

To send them these players though, you need a website. the Affiliate Website Builder makes it easy for you to set up review websites, or portals, for any or all of these profitable industries. You set the site up and refer your visitors to online poker rooms, online casinos, sportsbetting websites, and online bingo sites. The sites then pay you - up to $150 per player, or a share of the profit from that visitor for life.

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