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Choosing your Compensation Options from Popular Affiliate Programs

Written by Rich B
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Get the highest affiliate commissions by choosing the right plan when you sign up
When signing up for affiliate accounts, you are usually offered a choice between per-signup payment (Cost Per Acquisition - CPA) and a share of the site's profits from your players (Revenue Share). Some sites only offer one option, others have various hybrid deals. Choosing the right payment plan will make hundreds thousands of dollars difference to your bottom line.

CPA programs pay a fixed amount per real money player who signs up through your link. You get a lump sum, usually when your player makes their first deposit. Taking the CPA option provides a predictable source of money and is the safe option.

Revenue Share programs pay you a percentage of the Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR) - the money that the site makes from your players. This is a less predictable source of money but is usually the more lucrative option in the long term - there are poker players, casino gamblers, sports bettors, and bingo lovers who produce over ten thousand dollars a month in gross revenue. If you were the affiliate lucky enough to have recruited them, your revenue share would be somewhere between $2500 and $4000 or more every month - it doesn't take many big players to more than balance the ones that don't make you what you could have earned with CPA.

Choosing between the compensation options can be as simple as deciding as deciding between whether you want to take the sure thing now or take a risk to potentially to earn a lot more in the long run.

As with just about everything, when deciding between CPA and Revenue Sharing it's important to read the fine print - the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions article discusses some things you should be particularly aware of. Ultimately though, it's a judgment call based on your income estimates so you are likely to end up making decisions by rule of thumb.

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