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FAQ: Can I use my own web host/server?

The best and easiest way to host your CashMirrors website is with us. Everything is automatically set up on your hosting account that way. No additional set up is required. If you prefer to host the site on your server you have 3 options:

1) Download the Perl script and install it on your server. With this method, you can log into and use the Admin area normally, but the script is hosted on your server. You can set up a cron job to have your data uploaded automatically. Premium Account Required

2) Use the "mirror" Perl script. With this method, the website is essentially hosted on our server, and you install a script on your server which "mirrors" the website so that it displays remotely on your server. Premium Account Required

3) Download the website as HTML. Use the admin area to turn your website into plain HTML and CSS which you can then upload manually to your server.


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