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Welcome to our community for online affiliates. Here you can interact with other affiliates and find out about all of the latest CashMirrors updates. You can comments on programs in the Affiliate Guide.

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Portal websites are not turn-key anymore, but they are still available

Good News and.. Also Good News - CashMirrors Program Update

I have run this affiliate website building program CashMirrors for quite a few years now. Some people have been extraordinarily successful, and others have not. Those in the latter have usually do not put much effort into it. Recently, however, several have taken their lack of success to target me and this company. We have lost a payment processor and our ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 10/20/2020   (12 comments)

What Affiliate Markets are Hot (or Not) During the Current Pandemic?

With much of the world under a lockdown state to control the Coronavirus, Internet traffic is soaring. While much of the increased viewership is going to mainstream news websites, some affiliates are seeing a nice boost as well. Others, however, are feeling the negative effects of this economic slowdown. Here is what I have noticed in our verticals. ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 04/03/2020   (0 comments)

YouTubing Reminded Me of What's Most Important in SEO

I am fortunate to have time for some hobbies in my life. These days my main hobby is making videos. I have a drone and a few other cameras that I shoot with, and I edit the video and upload it to YouTube or other social media platforms. Recently I took a little vacation, and one of my motivations for going ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 02/26/2020   (1 comments)

Every Affiliate Should Own a VPN Subscription - Here's Why

If you have ever been legitimately concerned about your privacy on the Internet, and done a little bit of research, you probably have come across some information about VPN services. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network; it is like a group of proxy servers. Um, what? You might believe that these services allow you to browse the Internet with more privacy, ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 07/13/2019   (0 comments)
If you hit the right GEO for the right niche, you can be very profitable.

Go Local! Transitioning from GEO-targeted to GEO-specific Websites

A few years ago I introduced GEO-targeting to CashMirrors websites. This allowed our users to display different content to their visitors, according to what country that they were visiting from. For example, a visitor in Australia might see a completely different "10 best.." list than one visiting from the UK. They might also see different banners, offers, and so on. ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 03/07/2019   (0 comments)