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Good News and.. Also Good News - CashMirrors Program Update

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Portal websites are not turn-key anymore, but they are still available
 by Dan   Posted: 10/20/2020
I have run this affiliate website building program CashMirrors for quite a few years now. Some people have been extraordinarily successful, and others have not. Those in the latter have usually do not put much effort into it. Recently, however, several have taken their lack of success to target me and this company. We have lost a payment processor and our profits for this side of the business are down.

To avoid more of these situations, I will improve the filtering process that we have for using CashMirrors. The "Portal" Website builder is not available as a turn-key option any longer. When you go to build a new website, the "Top 5" Website is the only option you will see.

We will continue to support the "Portal" websites. I use the program myself for several profitable websites, so it is not going away. Going forward, those who wish to gain access to the program must purchase one of these Websites for Sale:

Affiliate Websites for Sale

I want our paying users to have a real chance to be successful in this business. The program takes time to learn, and the websites need a personal touch if they are to gain search rankings and a good following. Our Websites for Sale are already set-up properly and ready to grow into a reliable income source for you.

If you want a turn-key option that will convert your traffic source with a ridiculously small amount of work, the "Top 5" Website is the way you should go. You can gain full 100% access to creating and managing your "Top 5" websites for just $19.99 (per year). We are currently offering Casino, Poker, Sportsbook, Bingo, Lottery and Financial versions. Sign into your account and click Upgrade to get it!

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