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CashMirrors Blog - Latest Program Developments

VIDEO Tutorial: How do Affiliate Links work?

I have created a new video that breaks down affiliate links and explains how they track your referrals. I'll tell you why you need to always use your links exactly as they are given to you. This should be helpful to new affiliates here. ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 06/08/2017   (1 comments)

Affiliate Motivation: We're Actually Great for Our Local Economy

Affiliates will sometimes have a difficult time finding their place in a community. In this article I'll explain why our job is better for the local economy than most others. Read the article here
Posted by Dan on 05/21/2017   (0 comments)

Affiliate Tips: Diversifying Your (Affiliate) Portfolio

You've probably been told to diversify your financial portfolio. Does the same idea behind that advice apply to affiliates? In this article, I will sort affiliates into 4 categories: those who aren't diversified at all, those who are somewhat diversified, those of us who are well diversified, and those who are too diversified. Read the article here
Posted by Dan on 03/29/2017   (0 comments)

5 Features of CashMirrors You Probably Didn't Know About

You might have signed up for a CashMirrors account, and maybe even built a website or two, but how well do you really know our affiliate website building program? First launched in 2005, CashMirrors has evolved significantly over the years. New features are constantly being added, and you most likely aren't aware of them all. Here are a few examples: ... (Read More)
Posted by Dan on 02/19/2017   (0 comments)

Black Friday Sale! Save Now on Websites and Upgrades

November 25th to 28th ONLY you can save up to 40% on our account upgrades and websites for sale. These are guaranteed to be the lowest prices you'll get out of us all year! ... (Read More)
Posted by Staff on 11/25/2016   (0 comments)

Is SimilarWeb a Scam?

Popular online tool SimilarWeb is publishing false data about this website and others I own. It's costing me a lot of money, so I decided to do some research about the program to see what makes it tick. I compared it to Alexa and my real stats and found some interesting results. Read: Does SimilarWeb Really Work?
Posted by Dan on 10/26/2016   (0 comments)