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Should Affiliates Support or Protest Against Lockdowns?

 by Dan   Posted: 01/17/2021
It's a new year but when I leave the office not much has changed. Travel is restricted, many small businesses are shuttered, and streets are quiet. This is because local authorities have imposed "lockdown" measures to slow the spread of a deadly coronavirus. They were supposed to last a week. Then a month. Now some folks are already talking about extending them until 2022.

For affiliates and web professionals in general, lockdowns have been good for business. With less to do and fewer places to go, people are spending more time online than ever before. I have had a nice increase in traffic on my websites and I'm sure that many of you have too. Is all of this actually good for us?

Easy answer, right? We love lockdowns and restrictions! No, not so fast. As Sir Issac Newton said, "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". Society is not different. The changes that lockdowns are causing could be harming affiliates in ways that are not immediately obvious.

Firstly, with fewer brick-and-mortar jobs available, many people are being pushed to look for online opportunities. That means we now have more competition than ever. Our websites and marketing efforts must therefore improve. We need to work harder, or we'll be left in the dust!

Secondly, a lot of people are angry and frustrated right now, and that makes them disruptive. They are not likely to file into the industry hierarchy that is in place. For example, where I live the local government has just launched its own online casino. This casino does not have an affiliate program and will probably push for regulations on non-government offerings. That may harm the online casinos who have supported and paid affiliates for many years!

Thirdly, lockdowns and restrictions set a bad precedent. I see a lot of finger-pointing going on. "The gyms are closed, why are restaurants allowed to open?" Then the next day restaurants are forced to close too. Sadly, this is how most people think. Instead of coming together and taking a stand against lockdowns they try to drag others down with them. It's only a matter of time before this mob-mentality turns to affiliates! "I can't make any money, why can he?" Yes, it could get that bad.

So, we hate lockdowns and should spend every bit of our energy fighting them, eh? No, I don't recommend that extreme either. If I had to choose a side, however, I would lean to this one.

I have been protesting the lockdowns in what I believe is a respectful way. I stand with the small business owners who are suffering and have marched alongside them. At the same time, I am an entrepreneur. I must try to take advantage of this opportunity that has presented itself. I know that they would do the same.

However you go, I strongly recommend that you stay vigilant. Respect the coronavirus and try your best to avoid getting infected by it. Also acknowledge the damage that lockdowns are causing. Stay involved! Feel free to reach out to me or post a comment below.

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