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What Affiliate Markets are Hot (or Not) During the Current Pandemic?

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 by Dan   Posted: 04/03/2020
With much of the world under a lockdown state to control the Coronavirus, Internet traffic is soaring. While much of the increased viewership is going to mainstream news websites, some affiliates are seeing a nice boost as well. Others, however, are feeling the negative effects of this economic slowdown. Here is what I have noticed in our verticals.

HOT Online Poker

Games are a great way to pass the time at home. With many people following the advice of medical experts and staying at home, gaming is at an all-time-high. Poker is a challenging game that can be enjoyed online for free, or for low stakes. Many players are coming back to online poker during these times. This is a great market for affiliates right now.

NOT Sports Betting

Most professional sports leagues have suspended their seasons, so there isn't much to bet on these days. Sportsbooks are coming up with some creative ways to keep players entertained. eSports, which are still ongoing for the most part, and Virtual Sports are carrying a lot of the load. Still, there isn't nearly as much interest as there normally is and it will be difficult to make money as an affiliate in this vertical.

HOT Lottery

Most of the major lotteries in the world are still going. With people thinking about better times ahead there is an increased interest in the lottery. It is also a low-risk area since tickets only cost a few dollars. This is important, as people are hesitant to risk substantial amounts of money during uncertain times. Lottery is a great vertical for affiliates right now.

NOT Financial

While there is a lot of volatility in the markets right now, and a lot of money being won and lost, it is a difficult time to sell people on investing. Most folks are worried about the current situation and would rather keep their savings for the months ahead. Affiliates might be able to make a decent number of referrals but will be less likely to see them deposit and start trading significant volumes.

HOT Bingo

With many folks in isolation, Bingo can provide some much-needed social interaction. It is typically a popular game amongst the elderly who the virus is particularly harmful to. Most online bingo sites offer low-cost games. If an affiliate can bring many referrals they could do very well during these times.

NOT Travel

The travel industry has been devastated by this current pandemic. There isn't much opportunity for affiliates here right now.

HOT Adult Cams

The adult industry is doing very well right now, and the web cam shows are seeing record traffic. Affiliates can do very well here.

We have turn-key websites available for Poker, Lottery, and Bingo, plus some recommended Adult Cam programs in our affiliate directory. Find a way to adapt to the current situation and help keep the free market alive on the Internet. Let me know if you need any help getting started.

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