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Every Affiliate Should Own a VPN Subscription - Here's Why

 by Dan   Posted: 07/13/2019
If you have ever been legitimately concerned about your privacy on the Internet, and done a little bit of research, you probably have come across some information about VPN services. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network; it is like a group of proxy servers. Um, what? You might believe that these services allow you to browse the Internet with more privacy, but what do they really do? This was very confusing to me at first. I'll do my best to explain them in understandable terms and tell you why they are especially beneficial to affiliates.


To understand what a VPN does, you must first understand what a proxy server does. A proxy server allows you to access the Internet and other online services through it. So instead of connecting directly to a website, you connect to the proxy server, and then the proxy server connects to the website.

Why would you want to do this? Connecting directly to the website should certainly be faster than taking this indirect route. That is the one minor setback of using a proxy but think of the major advantages. A proxy can be located anywhere in the world. If a website is blocked in your location, then you can use the proxy to access it.

A good proxy should also encrypt your data. This means that anyone who might be able to view your online browsing activity, such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP), will only be able to see that you are connecting to the proxy server - and not what you are browsing!

As mentioned, a VPN contains a group of proxies. They are connected by the VPN's software that gives you easy access to hundreds or even thousands of different proxies. So, you can be browsing the Internet from the United States, and with the click of a button, be browsing anonymously from the UK, Malaysia, Sweden, Qatar, and hundreds of other countries - instantly!

Advantages of VPN Services for Affiliates

For an affiliate the advantages should be obvious. In online gambling there are many geographical restrictions due to local regulations. If you're an American, you can use a VPN to test a casino that is blocked in the US. You can also see how the online casinos that you're promoting appear in your best converting countries and make test registrations there.

Your affiliate business is, well, your business. You don't want to leave a trail of exactly what you're doing for anyone to see. When you browse without a VPN, you're doing exactly that. Someone working at your ISP can look at your online activity. They could be anyone! Maybe they're an affiliate themselves and will use your browsing habits to compete with you. It's creepy just to think about it.

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