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Amazon Associates Closes for Californians

 by Dan P   Posted: 03/07/2012
Amazon Associates is no longer open to California residents. The monster affiliate program is reluctantly cutting ties with all of its Californian affiliates rather than pay a new state tax on all sales. The tax law gave Amazon an ultimatum to either pay state taxes on all sales from there or to stop paying California-based affiliates, and they chose the latter.

Amazon has already axed its affiliate programs in New York, North Carolina, Hawaii, Colorado and Rhode Island after those states added online sales taxes in 2008. So if you live in any of those states or California and use Amazon as your CashMirrors store affiliate, you should find a new store affiliate. A few of our recommendations are:


CJ [read review]

ShareaSale [read review]

And in case you forgot here is what Amazon Associates banners look like:

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