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Affiliate Promotion From Easy Forex

 by AE7   Posted: 03/07/2012
Smart investors throughout the world know about the many benefits of engaging in Forex, or foreign exchange market, trading. Though there are risks, the rewards are very appealing. Right now, affiliates can take advantage of an amazing bonus opportunity through Easy Forex [read review]

When you bring new forex affiliates to Easy Forex through Easy Forex [read review] you can earn a significant bonus if you act quickly. From now until March 31, when you bring 10 new active clients aboard, you can $750 extra. For 20 new clients, the bonus is $1,500 extra. If you are able to bring 30 clients to Easy Forex, you stand to gain a $2,250 bonus.

New clients you refer through Easy Forex [read review] must deposit at least $300 for you to be eligible for the bonuses. As long as the clients activate their accounts between the 1st and 31st of March, 2012, and trade a minimum volume of $300,000 by April 15, 2012, you can earn the amazing bonuses. The money is big, but time is running out.

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