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Full Tilt Poker Stiffs Affiliates On Relaunch

 by staff   Posted: 11/07/2012
Today Full Tilt relaunched after being offline for about a year and a half. The site's return was orchestrated by the Rational Group, which purchased Full Tilt's assets from the US Department of Justice a few months ago. The Rational Group also operates Poker Stars.

This is welcome news for poker players who had a bankroll on Full Tilt when it went offline. These players, including Americans, are finally to be reimbursed. Unfortunately for affiliates, the news is not so good. The Rational Group sent out an email last month to inform affiliates that they would not be paid any owed earnings from before Full Tilt went offline. According to the email, affiliate earnings were overlooked by both the US Department of Justice and the Rational Group in the deal they made to get Full Tilt back online.

For affiliates who still would like to promote Full Tilt will have to wait. Full Tilt Poker is not relaunching with an affiliate program. Instead of relaunching the once popular Full Tilt Affiliate Program, the new Full Tilt Poker is to be added to the Poker Stars Partners [read review] platform early next year.

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