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Geo-targeting Now Available on our Turn-key Websites

 by Dan   Posted: 05/26/2015
Want to impress your affiliate account managers? Tell them that your website uses geo-targeting. If you own a CashMirrors Ultimate account, you can! I have just added this awesome, cutting-edge feature to the website building program, and it's quite easy to apply.

Before I get into any specifics, first let me explain what I'm talking about. Geo-targeting software determines which country each of your visitors is accessing your website from, and displays (or hides) certain content accordingly. With geo-targeting enabled, your website can appear completely different to a visitor in the USA than it does to a visitor in Germany. This is very powerful, because many online casinos that accept German players do not accept US players, and vice versa. You don't want to waste your affiliate website traffic by sending your visitors to sites that they can't even deposit at!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, it's quite easy to apply. Just sign into your CashMirrors account, go to Website Options, and turn Geo-targeting 'on'. Then, on the settings for each page, review, news post, etc. there will be a big green dropdown menu which asks you if you want to specify which country the settings should apply for. You can copy settings from one country to another, and that can really speed things up, especially for translating your content.

Since it costs me money for each 'look up' of your visitors' location, I'm going to be reserving this feature for CashMirrors Ultimate users only. BUT, as this is a brand new feature for CashMirrors, and I'm excited to get some of you using it, I'm making a limited time offer. Order a new CashMirrors Premium upgrade within the next 7 days, and I'll also give you free access to the geo-targeting feature! Just send me a quick email stating that you want geo-targeting for your account, and I'll make sure it's enabled.

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