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Visitor Interactivity Upgrades: Contact Forms, User Reviews, and More

 by Dan   Posted: 05/17/2014
Generally speaking, better interactivity makes a better website. Most visitors love to have the ability to communicate, and to read the contributions of other visitors. This is why our most recent upgrades to the CashMirrors websites could be the most significant yet.

Interactivity can also be profitable. On some of my sites I have done more business through the contact forms than I have through the affiliate links themselves. Those contact forms were quite rugged, so I have cleaned up the layout and added some javascript to make them more user friendly.

I have also updated the user review system. The 4 ratings system is depreciated and replaced with a 1 rating system with comments. You should see it now on the review pages of your site. You'll have the option of either displaying the user reviews posted on all CashMirrors sites, or just displaying the ones that have been posted on yours. You can edit this option, or hide it altogether, in Advanced Options under Discussion.

IF THE LAYOUT ON YOUR REVIEW PAGES APPEARS BROKEN, or just doesn't look right, you should refresh the built-in CSS file. To do this, click Website Options (or Advanced Options) and just hit Save Changes. This will automatically update the file. Then, just reload/refresh your website, and the layout should appear normally.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in contact with me.

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