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Where Have Poker Players & Affiliates Gone?

 by Dan   Posted: 08/18/2015
Let's face it, poker has had a bit of rough go in the past few years. Some of the biggest online poker rooms of the past decade have been caught up in legal trouble and cheating scandals in recent years. As someone who enjoys playing the game, and who has made money as an affiliate, it has been frustrating to watch the industry decline.

Poker players are not simply disappearing off the face of the Internet. Some have gone to fantasy sports, and others to eSports and eSports betting. Like poker, they are exciting games of skill that allow players to risk and win real money. They are not, however, quite as financially rewarding as poker was... Especially for affiliates!

Personally, I have filled the poker void with retail financial trading sites for Forex, CFDs, and in particular, Binary Options. Binary is a great substitution for poker because it is fast-paced and easy to use. In poker you play if you like your cards, or fold if you don't. In Binary, you either "call" if you believe the asset will increase in value, or "put" if you believe it will decrease.

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Many Poker Players & Affiliates Are Turning to Binary Trading Sites Like IQ Option

The value of the assets you can choose in Binary Options, such as Gold, USD/EUR, or the stock for Microsoft, are universal. This generic fairness makes it appealing to poker players who have been put off by horror stories they have read about or experienced for themselves. There is no chance that "the deck is rigged" or that your opponent is a bot that can read your game.

If you are interested in giving Binary Options a try, I recommend IQ Option. It has the best software available and is also quick for deposits and withdrawals. You can sign up for a free demo account, then start trading for real money with a deposit of $10 or more.

Players: Sign up for IQ Option here

Affiliates: Sign up as an IQ Option affiliate here

Give Binary Options a try! Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions.

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