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Add Sports Betting Online Game Lines to your Website

 by Dan   Posted: 12/18/2012
Great news for users of the Sportsbooks affiliate website!

We have partnered with Sports Betting Online and VRB Marketing to offer live, up-to-the minute game lines that can be displayed on your website. Now you can offer the latest odds for the major North American sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL) right from your Sportsbooks site.

Live demo here:

Adding this new feature is easy. Just log into your CashMirrors account, select the Sportsbooks website, and then click through to Index Page Options. Towards the bottom of the form you will see "SBO Game Lines". Change that select box to "show" and save changes. That's it!


Join Sports Betting Online (SBO Sportsbook) and get a 10% Cash Back Bonus every week... Win or Lose!


If you decided to use the Game Lines feature, make sure you have added your Sports Betting Online (SBO Sportsbook) Affiliate Link so you are credited for any referrals you send to them. To do this, return to your Sportsbooks website menu and click through to Review Pages. Next to SBO Sportsbook click "edit settings". At the bottom of this form is an input for "Affiliate Link". Add yours there. If you don't already have your link you can get yours by signing up at VRB Marketing.

Register for your free Sportsbooks affiliate website or log into your account here!

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