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Go Local! Transitioning from GEO-targeted to GEO-specific Websites

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If you hit the right GEO for the right niche, you can be very profitable.
 by Dan   Posted: 03/07/2019
A few years ago I introduced GEO-targeting to CashMirrors websites. This allowed our users to display different content to their visitors, according to what country that they were visiting from. For example, a visitor in Australia might see a completely different "10 best.." list than one visiting from the UK. They might also see different banners, offers, and so on.

GEO-targeting is great for improving the user experience. Doing it well will certainly increase your conversion rate. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat confusing to the search engine bots. Since most of those are based in the United States, they will always crawl the version of the website intended for Americans. That might make your page title appear as "Best Trading Site for Americans" for everyone, including Australians and British visitors. They will not be aware that there is a version of the website specifically for them until they open it. With a title like that, they likely won't!

So, what do you do? Should you go back to a global version of your website that's intended for everyone? You could do that. You could also just make your United States version the global version. The US isn't a great market for online trading, anyway.

The other solution is to take it to the next level. Here is an example of a small network that uses 6 CashMirrors websites to target 6 different countries:
Online Trading South Africa
Forex Canada
Forex Trading UK
Forex Singapore
Online Trading Hong Kong
Forex Dubai

Each of these websites uses a local TLD. They use the same design, but have unique logos, photos, content, banner ads, and broker listings. Some of the websites have content in local languages as well. This ensures that non-English speakers will have at least something on the page that they understand.

The downside, of course, is that it is quite difficult to create a network like this. It can also be quite costly if you're outsourcing the work. You're best to start with targeting just one country and building from there.

You might not need to though. GEO-specific websites can be quite lucrative if they hit the right audience and earn the right keywords. Some affiliates earn 6-figures with websites that target just one country and one niche. It's all about creating a high-quality website; and getting a little bit of love from the search engine gods.

Not sure where to start? Sign up for a CashMirrors account. The website building process should get your creative juices going. If you need any help after that, our customer support team can always be reached by email.

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